What Does That Mean?

Learn the natural hair lingo to help you along your hair journey!

EL - Ear Length 

NL - Neck Length

SL - Shoulder Length

APL - Arm pit Length

BSL - Bra strap Length

MBL - Mid back Length

WL - Waist Length

BSS - Beauty Supply Store

PJ - Product Junkie

EVOO - Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

EVCO - Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

JBCO - Jamaican Black Castor Oil

S&D - Search & Destroy (method for trimming off split ends)

EO - Essential Oil

NG - New Growth

BC - Big Chop

DC - Deep Condition

CW - Conditioner Wash/Co-wash (form of no-poo method)

ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar


Fairy Knots - Tiny, single strand knots in hair. Got their name because they are SO small only a fairy could have tied them! Generally appear on the ends and work their way up if not taken care of ASAP.