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Keylee Miracle

The Three A’s of Healing: Attention, Appreciation, and Acceptance

Healing comes when you bring loving attention to places where you hurt and are
hindered. I surrendered to healing when holding onto my hurt simply did not work for me any
longer. I could not get to the places I wanted to while carrying it, and I was tired of getting to
the places I needed to with the additional burden. Unchecked damage disarticulates, rends you
at the bones and confuses your mind. It disrupts, even if you are determined not to let it. In my
frantic quest to not feel my hurt, I healed many others while neglecting to heal myself. I
perverted all of the teachings about co-creation and positive thinking into a form of denial that
serves no one, least of all me. When I did feel, in spite of my intentions, I attempted to do so in
secret. I would apply just enough balm to my wounds to keep going while never exposing them
to air. I did not want to be vulnerable enough to be hurt. I wanted to deny those instances, big
and small, had ever happened. I was trying to be me in spite of my life experiences, which was
incongruous to say the least. I could not evolve into me without those experiences. We are
Source energy mixed with the things we encounter on this plane, and none of it, none of it, is
an accident. When you move to a place of being because and not in spite of, you have reached
a point of healing.

I had to appreciate the significant wounds I had been dealt. Appreciate does not mean
to laud in this case. It means to recognize what has happened and what you have learned, then
understand how you have transformed. Whether or not you want to transform again,
metamorphose, is completely up to you. Often what remains from a hurtful experience is not

the reality of it, but lingering resentment. This can manifest in enduring anger and
disappointment you were in that position, disappointment in what hurt you, and
disappointment you were hurt.

Personally, I had to accept that yes, traumatic things happen, and no, it is not a matter
of deserving vs. non-deserving. I had to accept that I had been changed and choose who I
wanted to be now. I had to accept my vulnerability and cherish it the way others hadn’t. I had
to take my own advice. I had to look at myself, all of myself, and love her with the sort of total
acceptance she deserved. I could not lop parts of myself, my experience off. I had to think of
emotion as material, my guidance system in a world full of symbolism and stimuli. I had to
accept my soft, squishy center as a gift from the divine.

The culture we find ourselves in promotes retreating to one’s den and mending wounds
in private, never letting people know they were there in the first place. This is maladaptive
behavior, an imposition of distance and secrecy in the sake of safety. To be clear, this is not a
refutation of personal responsibility for healing. There is nothing great that will be achieved
through you without you. I am urging embracing loving connection as you heal and seeking out
qualified sources to support you as you work. Carrying trauma and hurt well is not cosmic
approval for carrying it heedlessly. Oftentimes, we feel we have to prove our resilience, when
the very fact of our survival is more than proof enough. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could
thrive, freed from our hurt as hindrance? If you were looking for a sign, here it is. Here is your
permission to heal.

I buried my son in a plain pine box in an unmarked grave because I was too young to know that welfare would pay for the burial.
I laid on my back with my eyes closed hoping that his body would disintegrate as he tore me half
Ripping my soul from my body as you would rip the wrapping paper off of your Christmas gift.
He left me bare.
9 months later I gave birth to a boy who had no idea about the history of his birth.
How a back hand slap, a few jabs and a kick to the stomach lead to what felt like forever but was only
20 mins of deep breathing and a tear stain pillow as my river ran red staining the sheets of broken
promises and dreams.
I was too young to let streets eat me out like a holiday special at the Chinese buffet.
Trying to fend off the punches and in the same breath tell my son it is going to be alright
It’s just blood….
The streets told me to take my fast ass home.
Instead I let the threats of death comforted me at night while his snores filled my ears
Dreaming of freedom like my name was Kizzy and he was my master.
My back stained with bruises as I was his punching bag- I felt like I was training with Holyfield
He choked my foun foune with his murderous flesh blade as he continued to force feed it lies like I’ll
never hit you again or I’m sorry... Or the threats of I’ll kill you in your sleep if you ever leave.
The scene of the gun placed against my 3 year old son’s head still plays in my mind like watching my
favorite movie.
Bitch what’s more important? Not pleasing me or Your kid? He screamed as I was tired of laying on my
back and of him sucking the life out of me. He made me undress in front of my child. Baby don’t cry..
Mommy is ok.. Hush little baby have no fear I’ll give my life to protect you dear.
For years this was the way
Wake up beat down
Lunch time rape me
Dinner time tears and a side of fist
The streets told me that death was so much easier than the fight to stay alive

I was 16 going on 17 swollen with twins just like my eye was swollen with regret
Planning a bday party for my son- the only thing I ever did right
His smile could light up the sky
Can you watch him is what I yelled
He’s your son I screamed
Please I can’t carry everything and hold his hand- god how I wish I could’ve just held his hand
Bitch hurry up is what I heard
The heaviness of my steps felt like timbs sinking in cement as I walked away
Hearing the screeching of the wheels race down the street as my heart pounded in my throat
The screams fell mute as I saw the gun peek out of the window like a noisy neighbor trying to see who’s
at the door.
He grabbed my son and used him as shield like a Trojan warrior fending off the arrows of his enemy
My son fell limp as he held him like a rag doll. The dope game took no prisoners and I had lost the
ultimate hand.
The street said we don’t love anyone so don’t be surprised.
I buried my son in a plain pine box with an unmarked grave because I was too young to know that
welfare would pay for the burial.

Jade Kissinger

Found by Jade Kensington


I look into your eyes and see the galaxies.. A endless vast of love and commitment. A bare and naked truth of raw emotion when the world challenges us. You look into my eyes and see the heavens. A utopia of desire and adoration among the clouds. Your name tatted on my soul claiming your right to love me. Your heart key fused into my hands giving me permission to open the door and walk into your heart and make a home. Sparks ignite with every kiss and fires roar when passion is fueled to our flames. A Blend of brown skin tones paints our white sheets as we make love. I am your forever and You are my ever after. Tears burn as they stream down my golden melanin feeling ever so good because I am Loved by my caramel black panther. My African God.. My Honey Nut Cheerios.. You know good for your heart, body and health. And here I stand, His African Goddess, His chicken noodle soup for his soul. Filling his body with warmth and curing his ailments. Being the backbone, we each can stand with. 


      J'aime mon bébé 

                      Et il me aime 

The Train Chronicles by Johnnymae Robinson

Ctrain local trying to humanize the train but today is not the day, the platform is full, crowed and it is the Ctrain ironhorse no respect and the motor man is speeding he needs a ticket. Ctrain local the people are all over, this is the first car of the train with 12 stops to go and it is full. Look at the Atrain riding on the express track omg it waited, we all jump on Atrain express it’s packed the first car head count, roughly 375 people in one car plus 9 more equals 10 cars per rough estimate 3,750 riders 🤫packed. Atrain express gave a smooth ride. People still look sad. She is 5’2  in height, he is about 6’10 you can see the love as she leans into his body by the door and looks up into his eyes .  He’s attentive and she knows it, there’s love on the Atrain. A love affair which are always special to those who are involved. Conductor says “train ahead" we stopped to wait, really train ahead, “We moving shortly" .. Atrain express

Author Johnnymae Robinson

Today I  had a greater than spirit love affair with the C-Train local. Yes, for years I have been in denial, due to laziness of the conductor and the motorman, blaming them for not being on time and consistent in my travel, disrespectful when there really was no need to be by closing doors as folks ran to catch you to get their destinations on time, but most of all being a disappointment in the lives of others. Yes, I am talking about the C-Train local.

As I walk down the platform, I am in full worship and praise mode- "He's Able", Live Version. I am going in, moving in full speed. A lady stops and joins me. A few people stop and nod, some get a little dance in as they pass by and nod in agreement, but most of all, the atmosphere has changed as I feel C-Train local. 

The platform is hot due to the humid day and most folks are sweating but there is a calmness as I sing my worship song with the lady.  C-Train local arrives and sitting in front of me is a young man with a shirt on that says "Let Your Faith Be Your Guide". We get to the next stop and the train is about to close doors when a youth about 10 years old shouts out “no don’t leave- please wait for my mommy". To my surprise they did. The mother came running down the stairs to see her daughter holding the door for her safe arrival.

It is a late day train for me but what I want to say about the C-Train local is that it is faithful to getting you to where you need to be on time. Not fussing nor cussing but with the understanding that there are millions of folks who ride daily and really rely on the C-Train local, having  faith that it will take you and itself to the next level. Oh yeah, why is homeboy sitting to my left smiling? C-Train local- "He’s Able".

August 28, 2020
Yves Holistic Healing – Owner Sarah Schuyler Crystal Article

Crystal usage dates to the ancient times of the legend of Atlantis, Kemet (Egypt), and many civilizations around the world. The beings of that time used crystals for a myriad of purposes just as we do in present times. It is said that the people of Atlantis had their cities powered by crystals, and that the pyramids in Egypt were capped with crystals to attract celestial energies. The people of the ancient cultures including the Mayans and Native Americans used crystals for healing, treating disease, protection, and many other properties as we do today.

Along my journey, I experienced a spiritual awakening which resulted in many downloads and truths about this world that we live in. One of the biggest facts I learned is that everything around us is energy and carries a vibration. I reflected on how I was attracted to crystal geodes in the gift shops near the beaches in Cape Cod. My grandmother took me to the beach often as a small child and I knew at that moment I wanted to learn more about the energies these beautiful crystals carry.

After my awakening in 2018 I learned how crystals can be used for healing our mind, body, and spirit. Crystals and stones work great in meditation to help strengthen and develop our intuition. Crystals can be placed under our pillows while sleeping which can help bring more insightful dreams. Many other uses of crystals include reiki practitioners laying a crystal grid over one’s body, and mothers to be using crystals during labor of newborns. Additionally, many technologies use crystals such as: our smartphones, watches, lasers in hospitals, ultrasound devices, parts for computers, and the list goes on.

There are multiple ways to use crystals even if you are just learning about them. I started off by
collecting crystals that stood out to me at metaphysical shops. I then learned about the benefits of meditating with them by holding them in the palms of my hands while stating affirmations of what healing I would like the crystal to help me with. I adorn myself in crystal jewelry as it can be worn for a lengthy amount of time, as well as the energies of the crystals being directly in my aura field. Crystal jewelry has been worn for thousands of years as an effective way of receiving healing energies. Just by having the crystals in your presence or in different parts of your home will bring more light and positive energy into your space.


Some of the most popular crystals include Rose Quartz for love, Obsidian for protection and grounding, Clear Quartz being the master healer of multiple conditions, and Citrine for abundance. When searching for crystals that are based on a specific chakra, often you can tell by the color of the crystal which chakra is corresponds to. If you are interested in crystals and are new to them, it would be great to start by placing them in your home or wearing them as jewelry. From there you can gauge how you feel as well as the positive shift of energy that will take place.

I launched my holistic healing practice in 2018 because I observed the way crystals changed my life. I battled allergies and asthma and found that apophyllite reversed these ailments. I started off wire wrapping crystals and designing custom pieces to wear as jewelry for myself and others. My soul’s mission includes sharing the power these crystals embody with the beautiful beings around the world! I intuitively create crystal jewelry that not only connects with the individual, but that the healing energies can be focused on achieving fulfillment of the healing desired by the wearer.


If you are interested in learning more about crystals and adorning yourself in this powerful healing
jewelry then find me online: Instagram/Esty @ Yvesholistichealing to message me for custom orders –
https: //

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Crochet braid


Crochet Braids: the natural styling trend. 


I've been doing my hair and clients hair for almost 10 years. My natural style of choice is crochetbraids. When I discovered this unique styling technique I just fell in love with it.  It's my go to style and top recommendation for new and seasoned naturals. I'm sure at some point you may have heard or saw pictures or videos on social media with this styling method.  Here's some more info below. 


What Are Crochet Braids?


Crochet braids are a form of protective hairstyling for natural hair. They give natural hair rest from daily manipulation. Your natural hair is braided into cornrows using a specific braid pattern, so no natural hair is exposed. Next, pieces of bulk (human or synthetic) hair is strategically added to the cornrows with a crochet hook until the desired fullness is achieved. Hair is then trimmed or shaped into a style  or left as is per client request.  


If you have been wondering if crochetbraid styling will fit you,  here's a few reasons to ponder. Crochetbraid is perfect if:


Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. 

Style Versatility

Color Versatility

New fully designed hairstyle with no commitment

Cost & Time Effective

Adds volume to thinning hair

Complete Protective Hairstyle (no natural hair exposed)

Does not require  heat of any kind

Don't prefer individual braids or weaves

Has a very natural look


Benefits of crochetbraid style: 

Protects hair from environmental conditions

Less stress on the hair shaft and the edges of natural hair

Endless styling options available

Long term protective style

The older crochet braids get the better they look

Scalp is left exposed to breathe, cleanse, and moisturize

Possible increase in length of natural hair

Saves time in daily hair routine

Easily correct or adjust appeareance of style


I hope you are interested enough to at least make an effort and try crochetbraids at least once.  Trust me you will be hooked.  I've added a few crochetbraid styles for reference.  

You are of love. 


I have so many favorite quotes, bible quotes, celebrity quotes, but there is just one quote which seems to bring truth to the way I’ve experienced life and it’s that “Love is the exception to every rule”. It was quoted by my husband Ricardo Felisme. I may be bias when I say this, but these words hold full weight to what is true and it has reframed my concept of love. 


Truth: “that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.”


True: “in accordance with fact or reality.”


Untrue: “not in accordance with fact or reality; false or incorrect.”


As I sit here contemplating on the essence of my life, I wonder if I’ve truly loved. Like really love. 


There are just so many different types of “love”. There’s what you think love is and then there’s what love actually teaches you.


As a woman, an eldest daughter, a young mother, a wife, a Nurse, a friend, and to make matters even more complicated I am the depiction of a black woman, the word love for me, just had many different meanings and associations. It’s been shallow, arrogant, and selfish and then it’s also been humble, nurturing, and selfless. I believe to do both. But Which is true?


I have mistaken myself to be in-love and have loved. But I later learn it was rather lust of myself, or someone else, or something else. It was an untrue love in a sense where there was an agenda behind what I was feeling or doing and it was tied in with my long time enemy ‘expectation’. As soon as an expectation failed me I immediately became bitter and resentful of it all and that included myself. I wanted to just sabotage everything and that too included myself. 


It was natural for me to feel this way and I fought with these thoughts of “what’s wrong with me?” and I was very unforgiving of myself. I didn’t grasp my reaction as wrong because this girl whose writing to you is an extreme perfectionist and she doesn’t know how to accept criticism, let alone the act of knowing I failed myself. 


I knew how hard I’ve tried in everything I did. I gave and did my best every chance I could. Even if it wasn’t my best it was always the best I could offer. And so I craved the same for me in return. I wanted to have “the perfect” for me too as much as I was giving it. Perfect in a sense I could have my way and everything just goes as planned based on what was in my head and in my head alone.  


Being the eldest child of 8-children, I had a responsibility to do right because doing wrong came with huge consequences. So to avoid those consequences, my logical interpretation of this was to offer myself by consistently pleasing everyone even if it cost my own happiness. I gave no room for failure. And when I did “fail” I didn’t cope well at all. This cyclical reaction created an unrealistic idea within myself that almost destroyed me in my latter life. 


We hear it all the time, no ones perfect. And that “...all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” Romans‬ ‭3:23‬ ‭KJV‬‬. But it just shouldn’t have applied to me because I believe I should just know better. Because If I knew of the Lord I should just be doing what is right by now - no exceptions. Sadly, it is here that I got stuck in life trying to disprove this rather than leading my actions from a place of true love and forgiveness. 


As a little girl, my kinky hair and dark skin kept me from knowing I was beautiful. I had hated my features and looks. 


As a teen, I struggled to find myself and I was constantly seeking approval from the wrong places. I hated what I was becoming. 


As an young adult I struggled to trust those who truly loved me because of my expectations of them. I hated that they kept failing me. 


And As an adult I struggled with forgiving myself for the things I wish I did better. I hated myself for who I was and what I didn’t do right. 


In those stages I had an expectation that honestly had destroyed me in one fashion or another or have been destroying to those I loved the most. I realized it was time to really analyze my understanding of love. 


I learned that I needed to love myself as God loved me - with flaws and all. Because here’s the truth, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

‭‭John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭KJV‬‬


God had to amend his law of killing us in spite of the fact that we were still sinners, he wanted us to live with Him simply because He loved us. There was absolutely no reason for Him to save us!! We didn’t deserve it and we still don’t, but yet He found us (me and you) to be worthy enough. So it didn’t matter what I was doing, it was the effort of doing it in love. And that my friend is why love is the exception to every rule. He amended the law because he loved us that much. Love saved us and we did anything at all to deserve it. 


There is nothing love can’t do because it teaches you to love yourself and more importantly to love others. I know I am from Him who is LOVE and therefore I was made from love to love. 


Where do you look to for love? We’ve lusted after things more than we’ve actually show love. If it wasn’t true our planet wouldn’t be destroying, our neighbors wouldn’t go hungry, we would be more forgiving of ourselves and others, there’d be no color discrimination and so on and so forth. Where do you stand today for love? It’s simple, look to Christ for guidance - a sacrificial and selfless act of love. You are so loved. Say it with me “I will love with no strings”. This is the first step to truly learning the meaning of love. I love you. 


With Love, Gladia’s Naturelle