Naturally...It’s Carol

Greetings Kings and Queens!


Wow! Year 2020 has been one for the records! Termed “The Year of Vision” in 2019, I still choose to believe that this year has brought us some unanticipated clarity, focus, strength and renewed life. 


We began 2020 facing the Coronovirus/COVID-19 pandemic. A real-life, knock-down, drag-out fight for our lives and we’re still living this experience. It was a time where we faced shortages of basic life sustaining supplies. We were forced to cancel all travel plans and to “shelter in place”. We were not allowed to visit our friends or family and we could not go to our places of employment unless we were amongst those classified as “essential workers”. We could not hug, kiss or touch each other as we wanted or needed to. We could not visit our loved ones in hospital or care facilities and we were not even allowed to pay the “proper respect” at farewell services to those who lost the battle, whether succumbing to the virus or another cause. We remained shut down as a nation and as a result, for some, anxiety and depression was at an all time high!  We remained glued to our televisions and phones for “up to date numbers” day by day, state by state, country by country. Our children began distance learning led by teachers who are already overworked, underpaid, under appreciated while learning how to keep their students challenged, focused, and performing optimally. Some of these same teachers had to balance switching their teacher hats to parent hats several times a day for their own children who were experiencing the same things. We were faced with the fear of losing the roof over our head or being unable to put food on the table to feed our family as businesses reduced their workforce or closed completely. Houses of Worship were closed as we learned how to have a more intimate session while using a conference call or ZOOM meeting. After all of these adjustments and more, we still faced over 75 million confirmed positive cases with over 1.5 million deaths worldwide as a result of COVID-19. 


So, you’d think that was enough to make this year memorable right? Not a chance! We saw the powerful re-emerging presence of Black Lives Matter, which was originally founded in 2013. Here we are, almost eight years later, and we are still fighting to be seen, heard, treated as equal, counted, represented, to JUST BE! We are HUMAN BEINGS and nothing less. Let’s never forget those that have lost their lives, some for “just being”. Let’s remember their stories. Let’s put an end to violence for “just being”. Let our lives have the same value and purpose as everyone that we walk alongside today. Allow our children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews and bonus children to have an equal chance for life, liberty, and justice. These are just some of the stories that we must remember:

Amadou Diallo (NY) 1999
Sean Bell (NY) 2006
Trayvon Martin (FL) 2012
Michael Brown Jr (MO) 2014
Eric Garner (NY) 2014
Dontre Hamilton (WI) 2014
Akai Gurley (NY) 2014
Tamir Rice (OH) 2014
Walter Scott (SC) 2015
Freddie Gray (MD) 2015
Sandra Bland (TX) 2015
Alton Sterling (LA) 2016
Philando Castile (MN) 2016
Botham Jean (TX) 2018
Stephon Clark (CA) 2018
Ahmaud Arbery (GA) 2020
 Breonna Taylor (KY) 2020
George Floyd (MN) 2020



Well, that seems like enough right? NO! On November 3rd, 2020, the People flooded the polling system in an all time high number of voters, while STILL IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC. In the words of the great Sam Cooke, “a change is gonna come” was our hope and prayer. We spoke, we voted, we prayed and three days later, our voices were heard. We await peace not war, love not hate, tolerance not rejection and equality not imbalance. 


We still have a chance to turn some of this around. Can we though? That’s our choice to make. Let’s try. WEAR A MASK. WASH YOUR HANDS PROPERLY AND OFTEN. KEEP YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCE. GET TESTED. QUARANTINE WHEN NECESSARY. Walk in equality with your fellow man and womankind. Listen to each other. Agree to disagree (only on ice cream flavors not on basic rights to live without the fear of being killed for just being). Live amongst each other in peace. Look out for one another. Make the effort to stand up and be counted. Let your voice be heard in non-violent ways. Find a way for conflict resolution not bloodshed. 


Let’s bring in this New Year with a new attitude. An attitude filled with health, joy, purpose, support, potential, open mindedness, relaxation, renewal, refocus, realignment and compassion. Let’s find our inner peace that surpasses all understanding in this New Year. Let’s replace negativity with serenity and prepare ourselves by being ready, willing and able to accept our new assignments. Let’s all lift our 2020 “field of vision” and open our hearts and minds to exciting new possibilities coming our way. We stand at the ready to transform disagreements into new opportunities. Growth awaits us! Our minds are clear and focused and our strength immeasurable! Ready? Leggooooo!!!!




It’s Carol